Project Intro

AwesomeBooks was born from a love for books: to not see books thrown away when they can still be read and their stories shared. They create ways to collect books that people no longer want, selling them to their customers around the world and donating them to literacy programs they work with.It is their mission to champion a different model of retailing – circular economy retailing – positively contributing to sustainability and literacy, driven by a passion for books. So when you buy from Awesome Books, they help you make an impact with every book.


AwesomeBooks, with its 9 million catalogues, is the largest catalogue size Commerce9 have handled till date. We successfully completed the migration of AwesomeBooks from to Laravel as well as Database Migration by facing the challenges put forward by such a huge database. We also built and designed a custom theme for them.

The website was completely redesigned and all the issues faced by users were properly addressed and solved. With this we could increase the conversion ratio by almost 10 times. We used Content Delivery Network so that the overall speed could be enhanced. The server setup was shifted to a multi-server architecture in AWS. We have a special satisfaction in the project as we helped them to fulfil their social service dream.


Faced on development

Our client already had a developed online store. However, the company needed to implement new features, eliminate shortcomings in existing ones, and fix bugs and crashes on the website. To fulfill these tasks, the company hired Commerce9 team.

Services Provided





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