Project Intro

Gomyz is a Multi-National company established in 2019 and based in UAE, KSA and Egypt offering a variety of high-end Beauty and Cosmetics from brands all over the world for women and men. They commit to deliver your 100% original products at the lowest prices with totally secure payment in less than 24 hours.

Gomyz brings all of your favourite 100% Original Beauty Brands in one platform and also ensures safe and secure payment


Gomyz had separate independent stores for Saudi Arabia( and UAE( Commerce9 merged both these stores(with products and customers) into a single store with multi-website architecture. The new website has three multil-lingual stores – Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt, each with their separate English and Arabic Stores. We introduced Store Credit, Return Merchandise Authorisation, Advanced Layered Navigation and also Content Delivery Network to the store.
A React Native based Mobile Application was developed from scratch and all the needed APIs were custom built for the same. The functionality of filtering was enhanced in both the site and mobile application. The server is updated to a multi- server AWS Setup with API Server for the enhanced performance.


Faced on development

Our client already had a developed online store. However, the company needed to implement new features, eliminate shortcomings in existing ones, and fix bugs and crashes on the website. To fulfill these tasks, the company hired Commerce9 team.

Services Provided





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