Project Intro

Their vision is to supply every one of their customers with the freshest, highest quality fruit and vegetables. In a country of expatriates, they aim to source products from every country, so everyone has a taste of home—and the exotic flavours they may have never tried—all with their signature freshness.


GoodBasket was spending a lion share of their website expenses on server at the time they associated with Commerce9. We migrated their server to a multi-server architecture with seperate servers for maintaining admin actions (admin server) and mobile app (API server). By this move we were able to cut their server maintenance cost by half. We were able to increase the site performance by many folds which enhanced the user experience and thus increased user flow. GoodBasket also make use of our FMCG Suit which gives them access to the Order Management System also. They also uses our Sales Reporting System and Reward Point System


Faced on development

Our client already had a developed online store. However, the company needed to implement new features, eliminate shortcomings in existing ones, and fix bugs and crashes on the website. To fulfill these tasks, the company hired Commerce9 team.

Services Provided





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